• Fola Creations Agate Natural Aqua Teal Light Blue Sea Beach Stone Kitchen Cabinet pull knobs On brushed nickel base

    $9.49 $7.19

    Brand:  Fola Creations

    Price is for EACH Cabinet Knob 

    Each piece includes screw 

    Hand Chosen Hand Cleaned and Hand Sealed before being Hand Attached to its post and backing.  

    Approx Sizes:  1.5-2" Stone x 1.5" Lift 

    Pictured here are samples of what you will receive with an order as it is impossible to photograph each and ever knob we have.  

    Order the quantity of stone knobs you need for your project.  We do our best to match pieces we think will look good together with each order so the pieces you receive will be similar in shape and size.